Hana Franco

Inspired by coastal landscapes around the world – from here in the South Bay to her parents’ home countries of Japan and New Zealand, Hana paints local and imagined scenes that evoke a sense of calm, play and bliss.
In 2021, the birth of her son encouraged Hana to forgo her 12-year career in marketing and step into her passion. Hana’s painting style reflects her life philosophy – move with intention, fluidity and grace for perfect imperfections. Her work aims to uplift and brighten living spaces – and in turn, headspaces.
Hana, a lifelong artist and South Bay native, uses watercolor or acrylic to paint what inspires – from local landscapes, flowers and people to imagined scenes and custom pieces. She is best known for her series of colorful beach umbrellas, which are painted from an aerial perspective and capture sandy shores alive with beach-goers. 
In her beach umbrella collection, each piece of art has its own story to tell. “When you look out across a beach, you’ll see people from all walks and stages of life coming together -  enjoying the beach in so many different ways. I aim to reflect and celebrate that in my paintings - each and every person is painted in with purpose as their own unique individual character” says Hana. 
Hana encourages viewers to look closely – the beach never stands still. Each intricate detail pulls you from one beach-goer to the next, evoking a sense of movement, discovery and appreciation for the different walks of life, all with different stories, all on the same sand.